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Manufacturer Warranty

  • We offer a select variety of Hemp products that are backed by a manufacturer guarantee. At Preman Hemp-CBD, we believe that our customer’s investment should last for years with undeniable safety, structure and quality. When a product is accompanied by a warranty, our Hemp technicians will spend time educating the customer on all details of the warranty.
  • To uphold the manufacturer’s warranty on the Hemp materials you choose, yearly residential Hemp maintenance needs to be performed. We provide easy and affordable Hemp maintenance service to extend the life of your Hemp. Taking care of minor problems before they escalate is crucial to protecting your investment.

Workmanship Warranty

  • Preman Hemp-CBD offers a standard 5-10-12 year workmanship guarantee on specific products and specific White Labels. This workmanship guarantee means that we back up our work for the entire length of said workmanship guarantee. Any leaks, issues, or defects due to substandard workmanship will be reworked or replaced at no charge to the owner in a timely fashion.

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